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English Summer Camp

17-21 and 24-28 July 2021  We invite children ages 9-14

Our aim is to communicate through English throughout the whole week. Children will improve their language competencies mainly by listening and speaking. They will also have an opportunity to have one to one meetings with the native speaker should they need to improve certain areas,e.g. grammar.

The camp is aimed at children, who can understand English language well and initiate basic every-day conversations, e.g. shopping, buying train tickets, et. 

 999 zł | person 

Forest School 

English Summer Camp

During the Forest Summer Camp children will have a chance to practice English language, as we will only use English language to communicate. We will immerse in nature and explore the local Antoniuk forest. Our aim is to enable children build connection with nature, experience the benefits of sepening time in the forest, strenghtening their physical activity and building community - all of it is necessary to have healthy and happy children. 


Children will have a chance to strenghten their fine and gross motor skills by taking part in outdoor games and activities, widen their knowledge of wildlife, as well as engage in creative process of working with wood and making forest artifacts.


Some of the activities will include:

  • Getting to know edible and medicinal plants 

  • Making food on the fire

  • Learning how to make fire using fire strikers 

  • Using tools and making arts and crafts.

  • Woodwork

  • Building natural shelters

  • Animal tracking

  • Group work - decision making, conflict resolution, building community, games and storytelling by the fire. 

Camp Leaders

Simone Pereira Dos Santos is oryginally from Brasil. She is an English native speaker from Brazil. Her experiences with children started in her secondary school when she took a children's teaching course. At the university, she ended up choosing journalism. Soon after, she moved to London, where she had the chance to perform different kinds of works, including organizing activities at children's centres, and teaching kids at nurseries. She also helped to organize an event for Immigrant Children in London. Back to her first career choice in life, Simone embraced teaching as a way of life. 


To sign up for the camp

To sign up for the camp, you need to fill in the form here.

IMPORTANT! The level of language will be a deciding factor when completing a group. Please give us as much information as possible when filling in the sign-up form. 


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